Brimz clip-n-flip sunglasses

Sports sunglasses that attach to sports’ caps & visors

Flip them down when you need them, flip them up when you don’t.

Golfing, fishing, boating, playing ball, or doing any non-contact outdoor activity. If you wear a sport’s cap or visor, then these are without a doubt the most unique, comfortable, and innovative pair of clip-on, flip-up sports sunglasses you will ever own!

  • Is sun glare killing you?
  • Are you tired of losing your sunglasses?
  • How many pairs of broken sunglasses this year?
  • Is the sun your worst enemy during day time activities?
  • Tired of sunglasses sliding down your nose?
  • Do you wear a sport’s cap?

Then it’s time you buy BRIMZ Clip And Flip Eyewear! 

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